Chitrakoot Public School

School follows NCERT & CBSE best curricula for the students of Play Group to Class XII. At +2 levels, the school has the students of science & Commerce and the stream of Humanity will be started in the coming session.

Our Curriculum

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Our Faculty

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Admission Procedure

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Our school council is a representative group of students exemplifying Junior and Senior school, who have been proposed and elected by their peers to represent their views and raise issues amongst other pupils, as well as with the senior managers of the school.

At Chitrakoot The Aims of the Student Council are to
  • Empower students to participate actively in school life
  • Develop leadership, negotiation and personal organization
  • Inculcate values-responsibility, care, consideration for others and a school spirit
  • Involve students in decision making and planning for activities
  • Sensitize students to differences and help them to give back to the community
  • Understand the constraints and limitations and appreciate the challenges of leadership

The Student Council consists of:
  • School President & Vice School President
  • House Captain & Vice House Captains
  • Sports Captain & Vice Sports Captain
  • Co-ordinators- Seva, Student Editor, Cultural
Roles and Responsibilities of all members of the Chitrakoot Student Council
  • To protect the school ethos by example
  • To monitor the discipline in the school during breaks, assemblies and other programs as required
  • Give ideas and be prepared to initiate activities and take responsibility for them
  • Attend all Student Council meetings and fulfill all general prefect duties
  • Provide strong leadership to everyone in their Houses in any competitive or friendly house activity
  • Encourage good discipline and sportsmanship generally as well as in competitive events